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[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R aCOUNCIL2 Year
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[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCIL2 Yearso I've been thinking on clan tags. more than likely DTA tag on the new call of duty is taken already. so how about we make usernames with the DTA in it like DTA_SPID3R. Just an idea and would like your feedback on this.
[DTA] donnieBLACKOPS LEGACYACTIVE2 Year  I don't see where it's a problem coming up with a symbol in our tag. It's just a name, heck we could make it (poop) and it wouldnt make us play any different or gain additional members.
[DTA] Project_Vectrix COUNCILACTIVE1 Year  Doesn't matter what the tag is as long as we know who our members are but waiting until tues we can see if its taken
[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCIL2 Year  good point project didn't think about that
[DTA] G_R_E_A_T_Y COUNCILACTIVE2 Year  added 30 Ultimate days to DTA
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[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCIL2 Year  thanks G_R_E_A_T_Y
[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCIL2 YearWhoever can grab the dta tag on call of duty please do so
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[DTA] donnieBLACKOPS LEGACYACTIVE2 Year  From what I could find out we missed the date to early reserve the tag. We should be able to transfer it over once the companion so is released. I FELT like in the past the tag followed your profile from the last game though.
[DTA] nightrider41274 COUNCILACTIVE2 Yearcant wait to see kori and kate and some of our other members on ps4....hopefully soon we will all get to play again.....would be great
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[DTA] G_R_E_A_T_Y COUNCILACTIVE2 Year  No kidding..........
[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCIL2 YearSo since everyone is playing destiny and getting ready to play cod what if as a clan we just focus and recruit on these 2 games for now and add new titles as they come out?
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[DTA] Project_Vectrix COUNCILACTIVE1 YearPre-download for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for the PS4 is officially active and underway, again if your system is in standby mode it will download automatically
[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCIL2 Year  Mine wasn't downloading. Guess I have to leave mine on and not in standby mode
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