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[DTA] nightrider41274 COUNCILACTIVE2 YearHad some fun tonight going oldshool with fajia and headsniper.....if you guys dont have the old modern warefare then u should get it....it was fun going back and would have even more of a blast if u all could jump in with us...it will surprise u on how good and fun it still is.....hope to see some of u on it or maybe even buy it...it shouldn't be much at all...later dta....
[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCILACTIVE2 Year  I'm playing Saturday and trying out the new pc. Hope to see everyone online
[DTA] donnieBLACKOPS SYS LEADERACTIVE2 YearIs anyone else having trouble signing in to psn on the ps4? I can sign in on my phone but not on the console. It was down earlier for maintenance but ps reports that everything is good now.
[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCILACTIVE2 Year  I was able to earlier today
[DTA] donnieBLACKOPS SYS LEADERACTIVE2 Year  I finally got in I think the servers were getting overloaded with people trying to sign in after the maintenance
[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCILACTIVE2 YearWow what a difference. Got my new Alienware pc. On laptop it took 3 hours to render a video. With new pc it took 11 minutes to render same video on HD 1080 setting.
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[DTA] Xotic_Xtasy SYS LEADERACTIVE1 Year  You missed a full party last night. Was a good night, too bad you weren't there to enjoy it lol
[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCILACTIVE2 Year  I heard :(
[DTAR] larrygamehead RECRUIT  joined DTA
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[DTA] nightrider41274 COUNCILACTIVE2 YearNet is back on THANK GOD
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[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCILACTIVE2 Year  Awesome
[DTA] Xotic_Xtasy SYS LEADERACTIVE1 Year  Bout time bro :p lol
[DTA] kori_1 COUNCILACTIVE2 YearT minus 7 days till I'm back playin again still will be on ps3 for a while yet and you'll have to bear with me I have limited games rite now workin on that lol
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[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCILACTIVE2 Year  You still game sharing with me?
[DTA] kori_1 COUNCILACTIVE2 Year  Yes I am still using your ghost and gta
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