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[DTA] kori_1 COUNCILACTIVE2 YearMy internet should be on the tenth damn people
[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCILACTIVE2 Year  added 30 Ultimate days to DTA
[DTA] Project_Vectrix COUNCILACTIVE1 YearSo want to give those of you ordering destiny a heads up if you didn't already know. Shaders are a tool which can be used to change the colors of your armor, now as an activision stunt to sell and promote cross brand games if you preorder destiny and preorder Advanced warfare by sept 21st you will receive a Legendary Shader called blacksmith which is black silver and brass/gold tone
[DTA] Xotic_Xtasy SYS LEADERACTIVE1 YearJust letting you all know, I won't be on at all today. I'm heading to Tampa for the Uproar Festival to see my favorite bands! Maybe if anyone is on Sunday, I will be on then :d mwah
[DTA] nightrider41274 COUNCILACTIVE2 YearHad some fun tonight going oldshool with fajia and headsniper.....if you guys dont have the old modern warefare then u should get it....it was fun going back and would have even more of a blast if u all could jump in with us...it will surprise u on how good and fun it still is.....hope to see some of u on it or maybe even buy it...it shouldn't be much at all...later dta....
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[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCILACTIVE2 Year  I'm playing Saturday and trying out the new pc. Hope to see everyone online
[DTA] donnieBLACKOPS SYS LEADERACTIVE2 YearIs anyone else having trouble signing in to psn on the ps4? I can sign in on my phone but not on the console. It was down earlier for maintenance but ps reports that everything is good now.
[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCILACTIVE2 Year  I was able to earlier today
[DTA] donnieBLACKOPS SYS LEADERACTIVE2 Year  I finally got in I think the servers were getting overloaded with people trying to sign in after the maintenance
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