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[DTA] nightrider41274 COUNCILACTIVE2 YearAllmost call of duty time.....:sick:
[DTAR] poloscen89 RECRUITACTIVE  Let's do this!
[DTA] Project_Vectrix COUNCILACTIVE1 YearEveryone please add and welcome Poloscen69 to your friends list, the newest member to the DTA family. I have been playing with him on destiny for about the last month, great person to play with. Team oriented and friendly. I believe he will be a great addition, he also has CoD AW on reserve so we will have a new trainee to our style of gameplay
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[DTAR] poloscen89 RECRUITACTIVE  Its poloscen89
[DTA] G_R_E_A_T_Y COUNCILACTIVE2 YearI go on vacation and I come back with a inactive status!! lol
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donnieBLACKOPS ACTIVE2 Year  Fail as in me typing greatys name wrong or as I have failed out of DTA and been demoted. Hahaha
[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCIL2 Year  LOL! Being demoted would be epic fail
[DTA] t0li3t_SPID3R COUNCIL2 Year  Speaking of which looks like Donnie lost a rank. Another thing to fix I see
[DTA] Project_Vectrix COUNCILACTIVE1 Year  published Advanced Warfare almost upon us on News
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donnieBLACKOPS ACTIVE2 YearI will probably be on around midnight eastern time or later tonight
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